JDi Sport, Team Scheduling Software

Let JDi Sport, Team Scheduling Software take care of the RSVP's

JDi Sport from JDiData is a full featured easy to use Team, Club, & Event scheduling software. With the ability to schedule multiple games, teams, and events and share the information immediately, SportManager makes obtaining a head count virtually effortless!

Unlike most group scheduling software, there are no downloads, SportManager is a web based team scheduling system. A computer with a web connection or smartphone is all you will need to login and make updates, obtain a headcount, or send notifications with ease.

With SportManager you get all the flexibility you need from a team scheduling software:

More About JDi Sport
  • Change play dates in an instant
  • Invite unlimited members
  • Manage groups of virtually any size
  • Customizable team or club home page
  • Schedule multiple events or games
  • Send automated email or text updates quickly

As an avid tennis player and enthusiast our founder Jim De Rosa set out to reduce the hassle of scheduling his many weekly tennis matches. The solution was SportManager. What started as a spreadsheet has developed in to fully developed dynamic team and event scheduling system. To further his cause, all proceeds go to charity and for a one time fee of only $29.95 what do you have to lose?
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How JDi Sports Scheduling Software Works
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